Our Story

So Heather’s Husband Hunt was tremendous success, though very indirectly!

A New Chapter Begins

After launching the site and going on countless dates, blogging extensively, all while still working full time, I was exhausted, to say the least.  My office was an hour and a half drive away from home and me being required to be there at 8 am, I often times drove half asleep, which lead to…a car accident.  Lucky it was just me vs. a fire hydrant and no serious injuries.  However, it did put me out of work for 4 months.  What does a girl do when you cannot work for 4 months and are only allowed to drive to and from your doctor’s appointments?  Well for me, I volunteered at my daughter school.  This was the first time I was able to do that, as I am a single working mother.

Great Things From Bad Circumstances

After a number of afternoons in my daughters’ class, getting to know the other students as well as her teacher, I realized I had a huge amount of respect for this male teacher.  They way he interacted with the kids; his easy going demeanor and his obvious compassion for the kids was refreshing.   Most of the working men I knew, those I worked with, we over bearing, aggressive sales type guys, this man was different.  Mr. Martin, my daughter’s 6th grade teacher, whom I never would have gotten to know, had I not been in a car accident, became someone of interest.  Seems I caught his eye as well.   Thank you Heather’s Husband Hunt!

I won’t bore you with the details, but as the school year ended and summer began we decided to take things beyond a friendship, and see what would happen.

A Planned Trip, An Unplanned Visit

That same summer I had planned my “trip of a life time”; ITALY.  My whole life I had been saving Italy for my honeymoon, but with 40 happening in June, I simply decided putting off this trip was not an option, if I was not married at 40, then I was doing Italy for my 40th!  I rented an apartment in Rome and planned to stay for 2 months. I threw it out there to Tim, (aka Mr. Martin), since he had the summer off, he could always fly out and meet up with me.  He took me up on the offer and came to Rome with me.

An Even Bigger Surprise

On day three of our trip, he suggested a romantic night walk, stopping to see some of the famous sights of Rome at night.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?  Super romantic!  We saw Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps and finished up at Trevi Fountain.  It was there at the fountain, that Tim presented me with a small box, and he asked me to be his wife. True Story!!

He spent the next month with me, traveling around Italy!  My dream came true, I saw Italy with my soon to be husband, the honeymoon before the wedding!  We even took a train while there, up to Paris, another item off the bucket list, seeing Paris with the love of my life!

The Adventure Continues

As luck would have it for Tim, and me that trip of a lifetime was just the beginning for us!  Not a year after getting engaged, planning our amazing Destination Wedding in Mexico, Tim got laid off because of budget cuts in California.  We needed to find a way for him to teach and it was not looking like an option in California.  We hit the Internet looking for options and stumbled onto companies that help place teacher in jobs in other states as well as other countries.  Most of the overseas schools fill their positions 6-8 months in advance of the school year starting, so Tim only starting to look in June, it did not look promising.  However, we decided to submit his resume and attend the last International Job Fair of the year just to see what it was like, that way we would more prepared next time around.   The fair was in Bethesda Maryland, so we took the red eye over there to see what we could learn.   As it turns out, Taipei American School, considered one of the Top International Schools in the world, had a last minute opening for a 5th grade teacher.  The superintendent of the school, happened to see Tim’s resume online and she decided to fly out to meet Tim, unbeknown to us.  Ill fast-forward a bit.  She was so impressed with Tim, she offered him the job as a 5th grade teacher, but needed to know by 9am the following morning!  We were not even married yet, and the job started in just 6 weeks!

We spent the evening at a nice restaurant, with a glass of wine and the internet, (where was Taiwan anyways), calling friends and family, trying to make this life changing decision in less that 12 hours!  In the end, we decided that when the universe gives you a gift, you take it!  We accepted the job, flew home and let the insanity begin.  Cancelled our big wedding, planned a smaller intimate wedding.  Sold some of our belongings, put others in storage and the rest would be packed up and sent on a slow boat to Taiwan.  I quit my job and started applying for Visas, as well as trying to find someone to rent our home.

6 long weeks later, with the house rented, storage unit paid for, boat in route to Taiwan, visas in hand, we boarded a plane to a strange new land, Taiwan!

Going With The Flow, Creating Lifelong Memories

We continue to embrace all that the universe has in store for us.  We are taking this amazing adventure as far as we can.  Stay tuned for further adventures from Tim and Heather, AKA.  Travelers in Love!