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Want To Take Heather Out On A Date?

So you have been on the site for a bit. You have read up on this Heather chick and have had a chance to see a few of her friends describe her on video. You start thinking; this girl might be the ONE! So what is your next move?

FILL OUT THE APPLICATION! Now this is no ordinary “fill in the blank” application, these questions are important and will get the nitty-gritty of what I need to know. More important it will show you a bit of my personality and whit! Go head, don’t be shy, fill it out! Submit a photo or two or three.

NO APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT A PHOTO. Shallow you say? Please! Let’s be honest, we all want to be attracted to someone in order to date them let alone marry them. Chemistry is crucial. However; keep this in mind; I like all types of men. I like dark hair, blonde hair and I like bald men. I like tall men and I like short men. So for me it is more in the smile and in the eyes, so just send the photos!

NO NUDE PHOTOS. Yeah I am not that type of girl and this is not that type of site. Keep in mind the more creative and funny you are the better. Nothing warms my heart like a good belly laugh! Keep it honest, no sense in lying because eventually it will all come out and you will look like a big jerk. So what is stopping you, why you are still here reading, get out there and start filling it out!! I look forward to meeting you.