So thinking to yourself, who is this Heather girl and what would drive a seemingly normal gal to such means? Well get all those answers and more by clicking here. There are no secrets here. I am an open book, so come on in and take a look.

My blog is a great way for everyone to share stories or ideas.

I will cover topics from “What NOT to wear” to “The perfect place to take a girl on your 2nd date”.

Did you receive a card from a friend or stranger that stated: You were Cordially Invited….If so do not delay!

Find out why you were selected Hurry up, don’t be shy!! You will get VIP treatment the whole way!

So you have been on the site for a bit. You have read up on this Heather chick and have had a chance to see a few of her friends describe her on video. So what is your next move?