Were You Invited To Heather's Husband Hunt?

Let me guess. You were standing in line at your local Starbucks or at the grocery store in the produce isle when you struck up a conversation with a stranger. After a little friendly chatter she hands you a business card, that states: You are cordially invited…To HeathersHusbandHunt. You think to yourself, I have been cordially invited? What does that mean? Why would I be hand selected? What is this HeathersHusbandHunt.com all about? Curiosity got the best of you so you logged on and here you are! But the question still remains, why did I get this VIP card?

What's With This Card I Got...

Receiving this special VIP business card means you were hand selected by one of my closest friends as a possible match for me. See the secret is that no one knows better then your best girlfriends who would be PERFECT for you! So why you? Possibly you are a friend or brother or second cousin of a sister’s aunt of a good friend of mine and she thinks we would be perfect together. Possibly you were a total stranger with huge dimples and a warm smile

(yeah I am a sucker for those dimples) and one of my girlfriends just knew there would be sparks! Either way you have been hand selected, so now your next move is…APPLICATION!

What Do I Do Next?

So now that you have been hand selected, here is what you need to do! Fill out the application but do not forget your VIP CODE located on the back of your card! With that VIP CODE your application will be given special treatment and further consideration!! This code is your fast track through the application process. So take the time to find that code and be sure to enter it on your application. Do not forget your photo. I look forward to meeting you!